Wedding coordinator

O mně

Wedding is a joy for me, that's why I do weddings for those who can appreciate it

Dear bride, dear groom,
there is nothing to fear.
We can do it together.
I have organized hundreds of weddings
and thousands before me.

Jsem holka do nepohody a věčný optimista. Mám ráda lidi.
My moto: "It doesn't end that day, but it all starts."
I will arrange everything, get everything and enrich it with my ideas and charm.
I have been organizing and coordinating weddings for many years, I have had hundreds of weddings. And not only that, I organize various events, funerals and English camps for 25 years.

Jak bude vypadat naše jednání? Na první schůzce mi prozradíte své představy. Setkání může být on-line, individuální, hromadné s ostatními páry. Podle Vašeho přání a rozpočtu.
Na druhé schůzce Vám představím svůj koncept. Vše doladíme. Udělám takzvaně SVATBU NA KLÍČ

As a wedding coordinator, I can and can arrange:

Organize everything

The place of the ceremony can be practically anywhere.
Oddávající nemusí být z matriky.
Music by your genre - jazz, punk, folk, brass band, 90.
Decoration, menu, flowers
Photographer, cameraman
Children, dogs

Wedding coordinator services

Koordinace celé akce, jsem vždy po ruce a vždy připravena.
Zvyky, uvádění a moderování, proslov. Jsem vždy po ruce.

Svatba na podruhé

Vzali jste se bez svých blízkých. Nemohli přijet Vaši rodiče, kamarádi, měli jste svatbu v zahraničí a covid zavřel hranice.
Uděláme svatbu na oko. Oddám Vás a vše zorganizuji. Prostě uděláme svatbu ještě jednu a se všemi.

Assistance in handling documents

The authorities will not defeat us

Creating of indicative budget

Together we will save money

Ensuring the suppliers

I draw on my many years of experience
Obsluhující servis
Pronájem historických kol a aut, elektrobusu
Zajistím dobové oblečení

I'll open all the doors

Unusual and extraordinary places for the ceremony, offices, moderators, special guests


Osvědčeným místem pro větší svatby je penzion U Šmídů v Jaroslavicích, kontakt Martin Šmíd, tel. +420 605 511 789. Penzion u Šmídů Vám zajistí svatbu se vším všudy, catering, ubytování pro 30 lidí, koordinaci svatby. Prostě svatba na klíč jako řemen.

  • sál s kapacitou až 200 svatebčanů, kteří se tu budou cítit jako doma
  • příjemná a milá obsluha
  • kouzelné místo
  • děti se tu nebudou nudit
  • ubytování
  • Vámi vybrané meny
  • letní zahrada
  • bazén

Wrote about me

See also the recommendations of the couple I worked with


Call me, I'd love to hear from you
Or write me a message

The wedding is not end

After the wedding, I organize joint meetings for more newlyweds. So in a year we can meet again, we remember, we steam, we cry, we dance, we laugh and most importantly you meet new interesting people who can enrich your life.

New friendships and new contacts, good people connect.

I will be on the phone for you, I will not leave you in mourning and in any trouble. I will be looking forward to your children and maybe I will look after them for you.

Coordinator services and what for

If you decide for a wedding coordinator, it only depends on you how much you need help with the wedding. Everything is up to agreement and specific requirements. Coordination begins several weeks or months before the wedding day itself.
In addition to the preparation and coordination of the wedding, we also provide complete wedding decorations, rental of wedding decorations and other additional services.

Terms and Conditions


Meeting for about 3 hours, where we will go through your wedding from A to the perfect wedding, compiling a wedding schedule and partial steps. Tips and tricks.
2,500 CZK

Ceremony Coordination

1-2 meetings before the wedding, approx. 3 hours of work on the wedding day, welcoming guests, settlement, coordination with the registry office, arrivals, course, congratulations, end of the ceremony, photo shoot.
5,500 CZK

Ceremony and banquet coordination

2-3 meetings (max. 6h), constant support by phone and e-mail, schedule, coordination of preparations, overall coordination of the ceremony, care of guests, bride and groom, photo shoot and subsequent transfer to the banquet, customs and ensuring a smooth wedding banquets (max. 5 hours during the wedding day)
9,000 CZK

Coordination of the whole wedding day

2-4 meetings (max. 8h), constant support by phone and e-mail, schedule, coordination with all suppliers, preparations, ceremony, banquet, customs, parties, the possibility of moderation, in short, I am with you all day.
from 15,000 CZK

Turnkey wedding

I will take care of your entire wedding, from preparations, including negotiations with all suppliers, to the complete implementation of your wedding. The scope is by appointment.
from 20,000 CZK

Second Coordinator

by agreement, but over 40 guests are recommended
from 2,500 CZK


Transport is free within 10 km from Znojmo
free or 9 CZK/km

Rental of inventory and decorations

We have wedding equipment and decorations available that will turn any place into the wedding place of your dreams.

Installing and Uninstalling Decorations

Delivery of decorations, preparation of decorations, installation on place, uninstallation

Ceremony / party sound system

We have party speakers that can last up to 10 hours without playing on a network. We can sound any place you choose, regardless of the availability of electricity. connection.

Questions and Answers

What if I don't choose from the price list, this offer is final?
It's all about the agreement. The price list serves for a better idea of ​​the range of services and how much the wedding coordination actually costs. But if you have specific requirements, we will certainly come up with a solution together.
Do you only do weddings?
No. I produce all the events that come to mind. I will prepare an unforgettable event for your company, a birthday party, a themed party, a conference, a funeral party, a workshop, a children's day, a press conference ...
When is a coordinator enough and when is an assistant needed?
Generally speaking, over 50 guests are already a suitable assistant coordinator, as there are already more guests. And especially if you don't want to look like a city tour with an umbrella over your head and keep it informal, it's often better to have more Someone at hand. But everything is arranged. Every wedding is different.
How are payments and binding confirmation of coordination?
If we agree, we will write a contract and ask you to pay a deposit, usually 50% of the price of the service. The rest of the payment will be made no later than calendar calendar days 10 days after your wedding.
What if we want to prepare everything ourselves and just want to help with coordination on the wedding day?
No one will force you into anything. This is your day. If you want to prepare everything yourself, of course no one is preventing you. We will meet before the wedding to get to know your wedding in detail and then be useful to you on your wedding day.
We don't want a grand wedding, but rather a wedding on a farm, where we arrange everything ourselves, doesn't it matter?
It's entirely up to you how your wedding will be big or small, or where it will take place. Whether the wedding is small or large, it's still a lot of details that need to be reconciled together. And believe me, preparing a wedding in a meadow or in a forest, is often more difficult to prepare and produce than a wedding at a castle, where they are ready for weddings.
Why are prices so high when it comes to one day?
Even if it is one day, a large part of the price is the time and cost associated with the preparations that take place before the wedding day. The fact how much time I spend with you on your wedding day also reflects the amount of preparations that are associated with it.
Do you only work in Znojmo and its surroundings?
No, I work all over the Czech Republic, Znojmo and its surroundings are the most practical for me. However, it is no exception that I am preparing an event in Prague or anywhere else. I am flexible.
Prices include VAT?
Yes, I'm not a VAT payer, so prices include VAT.